We specialize in producing safe and well-designed products for all ages. Our brand name is an extension of the Spanish word for "life" symbolizing our commitment to self-care and self-love. The extra "I" emphasizes the pursuit of a better life for oneself, enjoying it with visually appealing and high-quality products.

Our products are crafted meticulously from premium materials such as high-quality 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel, Non-Toxic Food-Grade Silicone, and other BPA-Free Materials. They are safe for both children and adults. At the core of our values lies an unwavering belief in our philosophy, which we practice diligently in both personal and professional realms.

"Quality will not be compromised" is our guiding motto when creating new products from scratch. Each design delivers practicality and superior quality. We understand that creating memorable user experiences hinges on paying attention to every detail of our designs.

Thus, we approach each product with exceptional care and attention, ensuring that all aspect is taken care of. Embracing the art of simple, stylish living, we create carefully crafted and timeless products that transform “houses” into warm and inviting homes, seamlessly blending with the fast-paced lifestyle of today. We believe in fostering positive experiences starting from the little things in life. Therefore, our products promise to extend beyond quality and practicality, adding a touch of style to your home.