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B.Toys - Jungle Jam

B.Toys - Jungle Drum with Instruments

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B. happy B. amazed B. jazzy B. inspired B. you

Suitable for 2 to 6 years old.


Bang on the drums all day

Music helps with your child’s development in many ways. It encourages your child to think creatively, develops social skills, strengthens hand and eye coordination and helps with their imaginations. Music is a wonderful learning tool and is fun too. 




Store all your instruments inside the drum. Easy to transport on tour...or maybe just to grandma’s house for a show. Your instruments will never go missing unless a groupie takes one...or the dog.



7 fun Instruments

All 7 instruments store inside the drum.

Bang your fingers, your palms, your fists, your snake drumsticks or use the lid as a tambourine.

  • Antelope slide whistle.
  • Twister hand drum.
  • Warbly hornbill water whistle.
  • Two Shaka- shaka giraffe maracas.

10.5" x 10" x 15.5"





Jungle Jam inspired longer lasting interest in our children testers than any other recent musical instrument set. B. Toys has taken everyday percussion instruments and given them an original and fun jungle twist. Inside the large leopard-faced conga drum with a 10-bell tambourine lid are several more instruments, including an antelope slide whistle, a hornbill water whistle, two giraffe maracas, a crocodile cabasa-clacker, a twister hand drum and two snake drumsticks. The combined crocodile cabasa-clacker is the "dud" of the bunch; there's just not much to it. But children love the rest of the noisemakers, and they continue to come up with new ways to entertain themselves.
- Angelique Rewers   ©2011 Parents' Choice


I have a five year old and a one year old daughter. They love playing with this toy!! They're able to share the various instruments inside. What I like most about it is the easy cleanup! The kids just throw the instruments inside the drum and it's all done! B toys is an amazing brand for toys so I'm confident this set of instruments will withstand a lot of use.
- Romero


This is such an awesome music set! First, the overall design is amazing! I love how all of the toys can fit in the drum for storage and how portable it is. My son was so excited to see that each musical instrument was a different animal! The toys are colorful, durable, and provide unique sounds (especially the antelope slide whistle). Out of all of the music sets we have owned, this is by far our favorite. I would definitely recommend this toy, it would make a great gift!