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[Zilverstad] Children's Cutlery 4-pcs, Smurfs in Color

[Zilverstad] Children's Cutlery 4-pcs, Smurfs in Color

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The Smurfs made their debut in a comic strip in 1959, and they have been with us ever since. Many of these blue figurines have enriched our world, including Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette. This four-part cutlery set depicts the famous characters in full colour. Perfect for the first bites! The cutlery is dishwasher safe and comes in a colourful gift pack.

• 160/170/160/130mm
• 4 pieces of Children's Cutlery
• Design: Smurfs in Color
• Dishwasher-safe
• In Colourful Gift-Wrapping
• Stainless steel 18/10

What is Stainless steel 18/10?
Stainless steel is also called inox. This metal comes in various qualities. Our cutlery is 18/10 stainless steel. Stainless steel of this quality is food proof and approved by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).