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[Driven by Battat] Standard Series Tow Truck with 1 Car - With Realistic Lights & Sounds - Available in 6 Designs

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This large and fully loaded kids tow truck includes a toy sports car and lots of cool features perfect for imaginary play.
  • Includes a feature-packed toy tow truck and toy car
  • Crane arm extends and swivels, towing bed slides out and tilts back
  • LED lights, realistic horn and engine sounds, hood and doors open
  • Includes 3 x AA batteries
  • Toy trucks for kids 4 years +
Pretend you spot an illegally parked supercar on the highway. First, be sure to warn the owner by flashing the working LED lights and honking the horn. Then, extend the crane arm and load the car on the bed. Be sure to secure it, you don't want to drop this expensive sports car! The bed slides and tilts for easy loading and unloading. The hood also opens to inspect the engine, and handy side legs fold out for extra support. Once you've secured the car, rev the engine by pressing the button on the roof and drive back to the toy garage (not included). This is great addition to your collection of toy cars for kids! Remember to play hard and stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you!