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[Happy Spoon Happy Travel] Fish Tomato and Basil with Flaxseed (Step 2: 8+ months) - Instant Freeze-dried Blend Baby Meals

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Please take note that the following item expires on 25 October 2020


Step 2: 8+ months 

  • An Italian-inspired blend of fish with classic tomato and basil. Made with freshwater fish, Japanese pumpkin and potatoes.


When it comes time to bring the little one to travel and see the world, we need food that can be easily carried while still maintaining the complete nutrient value. Happy Spoon introduces innovative baby meals, Happy Travel range which is freeze-dried, light & super convenient, perfect for travel which is yummy and wholesome on the go.

  • Made from organic fruits, veg and grains, S-Pure Meats, and chemical-free fish.
  • No preservative, No additives
  • No added salt, sugar, or any kind of seasoning
  • No high heat sterilization which enables us to retain wholesome nutrients
  • Gourmet meals in every spoon!


simple steps to prepare the meal:

  1. Unwrap package and place food in the bowl
  2. Add 80ml of clean drinking water
    (warm water recommended, room temperature is fine too)
  3. Leave to fully soak for 2 mins.
  4. Mix it well and Ready to enjoy!