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Happy Spoon Happy Travel - Sunrise Quinoa Oatmeal Freeze-dried Baby Meals (Step 3: 12+ months)

Happy Spoon Happy Travel - Sunrise Quinoa Oatmeal Freeze-dried Baby Meals (Step 3: 12+ months)

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Quinoa with oatmeal blend as beautiful as the sunrise! Mouthwatering refreshing oranged combine with sweet pineapples.

  • Braised oatmeal in soy milk and fresh coconut milk with orange slices And sweet pineapple 


When it comes time to bring the little one to travel and see the world, we need food that can be easily carried with still maintaining the complete nutrient value. Happy Spoon's introduces innovative baby meals, Happy Travel range which is freeze-dried, light & super convenience, perfect for travel which is yummy and wholesome on the go.

  • Made from organic fruits, veg and grains, S-Pure Meats and chemical-free fish.
  • No preservative, No addictive
  • No added salt, sugar or any kind of seasoning
  • No high heat of sterilization enables us to retain wholesome nutrients
  • Gourmet meals in every spoon!

4 simple steps to prepare the meal:

  1. Unwrap package and place food in bowl
  2. Add 80ml of clean drinking water
    (warm water recommended, room temperature is fine too)
  3. Leave to fully soak for 2 mins.
  4. Ready to enjoy!


  • Gluten, oatmeal, which is the highest protein and contains essential amino acids for the body Which the body is unable to produce up to 6 types 
    of itself.
  • NIC Is a high protein cereal And contains essential amino acids, such as Lewisine Isolene, as found in milk as well.
  • Soymilk is considered a complete nutrient food. Because it consists of 5 nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
  • Coconut milk has many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Including potassium, calcium and chloride, saturated fat Saturated fat in coconut oil is made up of short chain fatty acids and medium chain quickly. Turns into energy instead of storing as fat high in vitamin C Including B vitamins And helps in excretion with high fiber, pineapple, rich in various B vitamins and helps to digest protein It also helps to enhance immunity in the body.