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[Mama Cooks] Classic Salmon Floss 12 m+ (10g x 5 bags)

[Mama Cooks] Classic Salmon Floss 12 m+ (10g x 5 bags)

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Expiring on 10th December 2020
  • Made with Salmon Meat and lightly seasoned with organic ingredients - brown sugar, soy sauce, reduced sodium salt & chinese five spices
  • Suitable for 12 m+ and above, especially picky eater
  • Stronger Taste as compared to Tilapia Fish
  • High Omega 3, EPA & DHA
  • No MSG, Preservative & Gluten Free
  • Usage Instruction: Ready to eat & add to any kid's menu! One sachet can be for 2 to 3 meals
  • Approved by Singapore Food Agency & Halal Certified 
  • Note: Colour of Salmon Floss may varies from time to time (darker or ligher) due to uncontrollable factors such as colour of salmon meat and supply sources. Supplies of our Salmon are from Norway, Chile and/or Japan.


  • Storage Instruction: After sachet opened, refrigerate using air tight container and consume within one month
  • Shelf Life: > 6 months upon delivery
  • Product of Thailand