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[Medel] Medical Face Masks for Children - Box of 20 Pieces

[Medel] Medical Face Masks for Children - Box of 20 Pieces

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Disposable medical masks for single use with triple-layer TNT, earloops, and metallic nose clip.

Medical Device Class I.

[Surgical Mask Sizes]

Size: 145mm (Mask width) 95mm (Mask height) 

Quantity: 20pcs pack

Recommended use for children aged 8 years and above

[How to use]

1. Take out the surgical mask, make sure that the nose clip is at the top ant the face of the nose clip is clearly visible as the face of the mask facing outward.

2. Fit the metal top to the nose and secure the elastics around your ears.

3. Place the mask firmly by pressing the metal nose clip from both sides.

[Intended Use]

It is used for patients and other persons to wear in epidemic or pandemic situations, covering the user’s mouth, nose, and jaw, filter exhaling or spraying pollutants from the mouth and nasal cavity to reduce the risk of infection transmission.


  • The product is disposable, non-sterile, and valid for three years. Before use, please pay attention to the expiration date of the product. DO NOT USE after expiration.
  • For single use only. No reuse.
  • When wearing a disposable mask correctly, you should replace the mask when you smell the odor or feel short of breath. If the mask is damaged, humid, or dirty, you should replace it immediately.
  • Used masks should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of hospitals and environmental protection departments.
  • Do not use a mask that is split, disintegrated, or with foreign objects.
  • The product is not intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operatic room or in other medical settings with similar requirements.


The product contains non-woven fabrics. Use with caution to those who are allergic to non-woven fabrics