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[MiCADOr] Early stART First Dough (Crazy Creatures in Neon) EMMCC1 - 2years+

[MiCADOr] Early stART First Dough (Crazy Creatures in Neon) EMMCC1 - 2years+

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Product Details:
  • Create your own crazy creatures with 4 x 60gm tubs of neon dough, 1 x rolling pin, 4 x shape moulds, 6 x jumbo googly eyes and 2 x clear placemats
  • Encourages sensory development, creative play and imagination
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Smooth and Silky texture, extra-soft dough!
  • Safe and easy to use!
  • Specialised recipe to ensure dough won't stick to your hands
  • Individual airtight containers that keep your dough soft and silky




Step 1 - Get Rollin'

Place the clear placemats on a large flat surface.
Remove dough from the tubs and knead well.
Use the rolling pin to flatten the dough and create a thin layer.

Step 2 - Peel

Use the moulds to cut out various dough shapes.
The placemat will allow your child to easily peel and move the shapes around.

Step 3 - Create?

Combine different shapes and the googly eyes to create your crazy creatures!
Don't forget to use any spare dough to make extra body parts like legs, wings, fins, noses and mouths!




Hours of fun and easy to clean up!

My toddler loves this set. The different shapes and colours keep him occupied and allow his to keep creating and experimenting with different outcomes. The dough is surprising easy to clean and as promised doesn’t stick to his hands (and feet) like other brands do. Hours of fun.
- Allyson Pannier