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[MommyJ] Natural Seaweed Powder 8m+ (40 grams)

[MommyJ] Natural Seaweed Powder 8m+ (40 grams)

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  • Made with only 100% Natural Seaweed (Wakame), seaweed helps to strengthen bones and teeth with its high calcium value. Rich source of vitamin K which helps formation of blood clots. Packed with Iodine which is essential for maintaining a healthy thyroid. No Preservative, No Added Sugar, No Added Salt & Non-GMO.
  • Great for sprinkle on rice, porridge, vegetable and fish, to enhance savory taste.
  • Suitable for 8 m+ and above.


  • Storage Instruction: Store in cool dry place. Once opened, best consumed within 90 days for its best quality.
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Product of Malaysia. Approved by Singapore Food Agency & Pork Free (Halal Certification in progress).

  • Due to increase in logistic and raw materials, we regret that there will be slight increase in the retail price (new price reflected) until further notice. Thank you for your kind understsanding.