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[MommyJ] Organic Soy Sauce 12m+ (220 ml)

[MommyJ] Organic Soy Sauce 12m+ (220 ml)

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Organic Soy Sauce IS MommyJ® TRADITIONALLY Fermented the using Large Urns More Within last for 6 monthsSafest Choice in Comparison to Hydrolysed Soy Sauce Processed through Chemical Process WhichKnown AS defatted acid Hydrolysis of Soy Beans. 7 Days 3- About Which Takes only; Mostly hydrolyzed soy sauce developing high levels of toxic chemical 3-monochloropropane -1,2-diol (3-MCPD) produced during high heat with hydrochloric acid which is known to be toxic. Also, a healthy version compares to mixed soy sauce (contain addictive, extract ).


Organic Ingredients:

  • whole non-GMO soybeans.
  • organic wheat flour.
  • sea salt.
  • organic sugar cane.
  • filter water. 

NO ADDED fructose, plant-based extract, fruit-based extract, liquor alcohol, preservatives, corn syrup, caramel, and coloring.

MommyJ traditionally fermented organic soy sauce comes with the UNIQUE DISPENSE CONTROL feature to ensure children above 1 year old have an adequate sodium level. The maximum level of daily sodium intake for children above 1-year-old is 1000mg per day. In order to prevent excessive sodium, 3 drops (0.6ml) of organic soy sauce are enough to be added in every children's meal which is about 59.6mg of sodium only (5.9 % of daily consumption). The children-friendly soy sauce not only allows the children to taste delicious meal, But also controlling the intake of sodium and eat comfortably and healthily. Stay safe and healthy with MommyJ.


MommyJ Traditional Brewed Organic Soy Sauce.

✔ Traditional hand brewing | Traditionally fermented.

✔ Brewing for more than 6 months | More than 6 months fermentation.

 5 kinds of organic raw materials only | Made from 5 ingredients only.

✔ Designed for children's health | Kid's friendly.

✔ Nothing added! | NO addictive.

X Non-mixed soy sauce | NOT of mixed soy sauce

X Non-synthetic instant soy sauce | NOT of combined soy sauce

X Non-chemical soy sauce | NON hydrolysed soy sauce

X No oligosaccharides / syrup / fructose addition | NO fructose, corn syrup added

X No alcohol added | NO alcohol liquid added

X No plant extract addition | NO plant-based extract

X No fruit extraction added | NO fruit-based extract

X MSG-free | NO MSG added

X Adding no pigments | NO coloring

X No flavoring added | NO flavoring

X No preservative added | NO preservative

X Non-saline water thinning | NOT diluted with salt water

*Free of carcinogens ( 3-MCPD) | NO cancer causing agent


"Let's learn about soy sauce recipes & how to buy baby soy sauce "

For your baby's healthy diet, please read this post with patience.

And don't forget to share this product/post to your good sisters and friends, have good health, everyone to share it. I hope that all of you will be healthy and healthy. Thank you.

The babies grow up gradually, and the one-year-old birthday party has just passed. At this time, did some moms find that the babies started to ask for the taste of the food? This is because the growth of the taste system has gradually made the baby's food requirements higher and higher.

Do moms have tried their best to study whether they can use the general soy sauce/green in the market to satisfy their baby's taste?

Hey, even moms will worry that nurses, nannies, mothers-in-law, etc, for the sake of convenience, when preparing children's food, it is possible to use the general soy sauce/green in the market to increase the appetite of the baby.

If all of the above are your concerns, please take a look at the soy sauce/green types that MommyJ shares below.


Soy sauce/cyan production can be roughly divided into three methods 

Chemical soy sauce,  mixed soy sauce, and  pure soy sauce :

1. Chemical soy sauce (amino acid soy sauce) This is a chemical soy sauce/green that we can buy on the market. Is defatted soy flour as raw material, with hydrochloric acid (Acidity Regulator) decomposition, and then from the soda process needs to be completed within a very short time? This semi-synthetic chemical crash of soy sauce, soy sauce is no flavor, taste Suanku, smell the nose, so it is necessary with other chemically synthesized flavorings (Monosodium Glutamate, Permitted Flavour Enhancer, Caramel), pigments (Permitted Coloring) To adjust the taste. And most have used a preservative (Benzoic Acid, Preservative) to extend the shelf life). Even more worrying is the use of high compression technology in the production process, which will make hydrochloric acid and fat synthesize the carcinogen "monochloropropanediol " (3-MCPD, the International Cancer Agency IARC as a Class 2B carcinogen ) under high heat.

2. speed brewing soy saucemixing soy be brewed soy sauce is mixed with the chemical, and then fermentation can reduce the brewing time. Because of the poor flavor, it is also necessary to add chemical or syrup oligosaccharide (Fructose, Corn Syrup), add plant fruit extract (Extract), MSG, Stabilizer, etc. to meet the taste of the public and extend it. Shelf.

3.  the traditional brewing soy sauce
traditional soy sauce is black beans, washed cooking raw soybeans, added Mandatory bacteria mixed with salt and other processes, and then into the vat inner, sun through fermentation requires 4 to more than 6 months brewing time, is the real "traditional brewing soy sauce"!


Therefore, please ask the treasure mothers to pay attention to the ingredients on the label when purchasing soy sauce/green. The more the label components do not understand the more careful attention must be paid. Because of our hearts and minds in the stomach.


In making a general understanding of the market soy sauce/green of the species, Baoma it will definitely have a traditional soy sauce that has great confidence and ease. MommyJ sincerely recommends my family's truly natural and healthy organic kid soy sauce :

 *MommyJ Traditional Brewed Organic Soy Sauce

1. MommyJ® organic soy sauce, traditionally brewed by hand. It is the essence obtained by fermenting in a large tank with good bacteria in the sun and natural air for at least six months.

In contrast, those chemical soy sauces that are made by hydrolyzing soy flour at a low cost and extracted in a very short time are more absolutely safe; they are also more "fast-soy sauce, mixed soy sauce" (including added ingredients: oligosaccharides). , extraction) to get healthier. The price of chemical soy sauce is very low because of the low production cost; the time is short, but it contains 3 monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD). 3-MCPD has been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen at the International Agency for Cancer (IARC). 3-MCPD is harmful to the liver, kidney, blood system, reproductive system, etc. Get healthy, comfortable MommyJ® soy sauce right away.


2.  In addition, MommyJ® traditionally brewed organic soy sauce - made from only 5 organic materials! It 
is made from genetically modified organic soybeans, organic wheat flour, sea salt, organic sucrose, and filtered water; handmade by traditional brewing.

No additives such as preservatives, pigments, alcohol, syrup oligosaccharides, plant fruit extracts, and MSG; any chemical additives will definitely have some side effects on the child's body. Therefore, MommyJ traditional brewed organic soy sauce is made from safe and healthy organic raw materials and is definitely the healthy choice for a family!


3.  I believe that moms may be worried about the amount of salt or sodium they consume, so MommyJ traditionally brewed organic soy sauce is recommended for children one-year-old or older. And one year of age I would highly recommend MommyJ food powder, single healthy natural raw food powder.


4.  According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health's 2017 “Recommended Nutrient Intake of Malaysia” report, the daily sodium intake of a one-year-old child is not recommended to exceed 1000 mg.


There is another one to let you know that the entire MommyJ traditional brewed organic soy sauce can be pressed nearly a thousand times. So if you have 3 meals a day, 3 meals a day, the whole MommyJ traditional brewed organic soy sauce can make you a child for 3 to 4 months. If the treasure mothers have stolen them, they may run out quickly.