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[Mozzie Guard] Mosquito Repellent Patch 100pcs + Mosquito Killer

[Mozzie Guard] Mosquito Repellent Patch 100pcs + Mosquito Killer

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  • Adorable small rocket shape.
  • Micro USB charging way, compatible with multiple devices.
  • Washable and detachable storage box for convenient use and clean.
  • Special For Children: Cute design, Safe & Special for children.
  • Quite: less than 35db, helpful for your sleep.
  • V lamp around 368nm, attractive for mosquitoes.
  • Fan Speed around 2300 RPM.
  • 360° open air-duct design.

  • Easy to use 10 individually packed patches in a resealable zip packet
  • DEET Free
  • 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil recommended by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ( as an effective mosquito repellent on par with DEET repellents
  • Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus 15% w/w


Resealable zip packet contains 10 individually packed patches

Key Values

  1. Majority of the mosquito patches sold in well known pharmacies and supermarkets are using citronella oil or other natural oils as a repellent base which is less effective than lemon eucalyptus oil.
  2. In terms of natural oil repellents (DEET Free), lemon eucalyptus oil is the most effective:
  3.  Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ( has recommended lemon eucalyptus oil as an effective mosquito repellent on par with DEET repellents
  4. Quite a number of studies done which found that lemon eucalyptus oil can be equally or even more effective at warding off mosquitoes than DEET
  5. In terms of ingredient concentration, most of the mosquito patch products contain only 12% w/w of other natural oils (Citronella oil, lemongrass etc…). Our product contains 15% w/w Lemon Eucalyptus Oil which we believe will provide better protection against mosquitoes
  6. Portable Packaging (i.e. you can put the whole packet in your pocket easily compared to putting a box in your pocket and having the patches individually packed also allows user ease of use)

Package comes with:

  • 1 box containing 10 (Resealable Ziploc) Packets  
  • Each Packet contains 10 individually wrapped patches