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[SUNMUM] NEW Smart QR Code Stock Breast Milk Slider Bags / Zipper Bags 32cm × 23cm -12pcs/Box

[SUNMUM] NEW Smart QR Code Stock Breast Milk Slider Bags / Zipper Bags 32cm × 23cm -12pcs/Box

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  • Origin: Thailand
  • Size 32cm * 23cm, capable of storing 8-10 milk storage bags inside.
  • You want to divide the milk bag/bag - the baby food container by day to facilitate taking them out of the refrigerator without having to dig out the date, or when you go out / go Business and family members can conveniently take milk/food out for daily processing?
  • You need to pump milk several times a day and inconvenient to wash the breast pump after each use (eg at work) and want to store the breast pump in the refrigerator?
  • Then Sunmum zip bag is a wise choice for wise mothers to preserve milk/tools/food.
  • Products for babies and the whole family.
  • Sunmum Milk Storage zip Bag has the best design and features of all milk zip bags available on the market:
  • The zippered bag is extremely convenient and fast.
  • The bottom of the bag has an extended design to be able to stand when fully stored.
  • The front of the bag is pre-printed with 3 writing lines to help mothers store milk/food for their children scientifically and properly.
  • The product meets BPA Free & FCG (Food Contact Grade)
  • Helping mothers feel secure at the same time, all milk storage bags are stored inside without fear of affecting. Milk quality.
  • Can be reused many times.
  • Can be used to store milk bags or baby food bags/boxes / other food in the refrigerator freezer.
  • Box of 10 Bags