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Zazu Heartbeat Soft Toy ; Coco & Bibi

Zazu Heartbeat Soft Toy ; Coco & Bibi

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6 melodies to comfort and soothe your baby back to sleep

A soft toy comforter that calms and soothes your newborn baby by mimicking a mum's heartbeat. Operated by 3 x AAA batteries.

6 different sounds. Womb sound with heartbeat, waterfall sound, and 4 soothing melodies.

Timer with auto shut-off. After 10 minutes the sound will automatically switch off.

Activates upon crying. The voice activated sound sensor will switch on the sound if your baby starts crying.

Choose your own volume. Set the volume to your preferred level.

Activate by shaking. No need to switch ON the music, just shake and he will start playing the last chosen song.


Technical Info

• Operated by 3 AAA 1,5 V alkaline batteries (not included)
• Measurements: 19 x 12 x 13 cm
• The animals are tested according to international regulations
• Soft toy can be washed (remove the sound module beforehand)
• Age recommendation: As of 0+ months.