ZAZU’s Gina the giraffe: a combination of a torch and nightlight

ZAZU’s Gina the giraffe: a combination of a torch and nightlight

By Andrea and Julia from Apfelbäckchen

Playtime and bedtime with Gina

Let’s be honest: there is hardly any child who is not fascinated by flashlights and beautiful lights in general, right? With a torch or light in their hands, kids are ready for adventures in their room within self-made tents or piles of pillows and blankets.


Gina the giraffe

Our boy tested a new light, but it’s more than just a light. It is nightlight and flashlight in one! Because we find the giraffe so cute and useful, we would like to share this with you.

Gina is from the Dutch company ZAZU, of which we already have two other great products: Bobby and Lou. The giraffe is suitable for kids from 3 years and older.

gina-green and torch_2

How does it work?

Gina has a rechargeable battery and comes with an USB cable. The product lies very comfortable in the hand and the soft material makes is easy to use. When you press the button shortly, you enable the torch light. The auto shut-off feature ensures the torch goes out after ten minutes. That is smart as, with so many things, the torch is forgotten while playing and it will drain batteries otherwise.

gina-torch combination


But the giraffe is also a nightlight. The nightlight feature shows 7 different soft colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise and green. All you need to do is press the same button as the torch, but then a little bit longer. Hold the button to change the nightlight colors. The nightlight also shuts off automatically, after 30 minutes.

When you plug in the USB cable, the nightlight does not go out automatically but stays on.


gina-nightlight combination

All in all

We believe that Gina is magical. Especially the design and high-quality manufacturing stands out. If you have a toddler that could use a night light and a torch, for example for toilet visits in the middle of the night, Gina is a great recommendation. The giraffe comes in grey, blue and pink.  Even when the light is out, the giraffe makes every nursery better-looking. 




Have a wonderful day,

Andrea, Julia and their little boy


Disclaimer: The product has been sent to me, but all thoughts and opinions are mine and are not influenced by ZAZU Kids.

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