Collection: People Footwear

Superior Fit and unique constructions that allow for more critical support, comfort and durability despite the amazingly lightweight. With little to no waste injection molding and the use of recycled materials, we aspire to continue to innovate and reach zero-impact manufacturing across all of our shoes. The footwear is all PETA approved and we only use non-animal and synthetic leathers in our design and development process.

Senna Kids, the ship-shape shoe for the cool kids. With its one-piece construction, removable laces, airy upper, and grippy sole, the Senna is all style, support, and showboating. And when they come back to shore, it plays great in the sandbox, too.
The Phillips features our Ezy-Brzy™ upper technology - 3D-printed paneling over the highly breathable mesh. Combined with a slip-on tongue liner, vent-channeled SuperCushTM footbed, and a shock-absorbing custom-molded SkyLite™ outsole.
The Stanley Knit, the unique 3D printed synthetic upper brings an update to a timeless classic, while the durable rubber outsole delivers long-lasting wear.