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[B.Toys] H2-Whoa Mess-Free Water Drawing Board Plum/ Sea- 18months+

[B.Toys] H2-Whoa Mess-Free Water Drawing Board Plum/ Sea- 18months+

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H2-Whoa is the answer to messy markers! This drawing board has two sides to doodle on and comes with 4 water pens. With two sturdy handles and a non-slip finish, your toddler can draw in the car or in the stroller – and you never need to worry about them getting marker on their clothes! No need to wipe it clear either, just let evaporation take care of it.

  • WATER DRAWING BOARD – A fun twist on the travel doodle classic. This drawing board uses water from refillable pens, creating fun and clear lines for your shapes, designs, and sketches that slowly fade as the water dries.
  • MESS FREE: The two-sided fabric board is surrounded by a colorful plastic frame, giving you the magic of water without the hassle of spills.
  • TWO SIDED – With a drawing surface on each side, you can create one masterpiece after another.
  • CONVENIENT TRAVEL: The four water pens tuck snugly away on the top and bottom of the board for easy storage and travel, and the two carrying handles make it easy to grab-and-go.
  • FOUR REFILLABLE WATER PENS: Water doesn’t come with the H2-Whoa drawing board, but luckily it’s the world’s most abundant resource. It’s also less expensive than ink and doesn’t stain either.
  • Suitable for 18 months to 5 years of age

Comes with:

  • 1 water board
  • 4 water markers