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[Ebulobo] Alphabet Initial Name Baby Teething Teether Rattle Shaker - Letter E

[Ebulobo] Alphabet Initial Name Baby Teething Teether Rattle Shaker - Letter E

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  • PERSONALIZED BIRTH GIFT: To hang on the baby's bedroom door, or above his bed, here is in its beautiful crystal box a unique rattle! Made with soft plastic around to be a teething rattle. But also with ribbons to decorate and amuse the babies who will try to catch them. On the back is a ball ring that makes a nice little noise when you shake it

  • MY NAME IN TOY: for the first time, you can offer a newborn the first letter of their first name, a personalized gift! But here the baby can play with it, it is not only a decorative object.

  • EBULOBO is 2 designers based in Paris who have been offering products perfectly suited to children for more than 10 years. Toys and accessories are developed as early learning tools that will help baby grow. By offering a little fun stories, they invite the whole family around the little one to play with him and reinterpret the stories to have fun together!
  • MULTI EVEIL, A toy that allows the child to develop his awakening through the contrasts of colors and materials, and particularly with the ribbons that we have selected. By touching and manipulating, the little ones play but also develop muscular coordination, the senses by touching sight and hearing.

  • TO EUROPEAN STANDARDS, perfectly meeting the standards in force, our creations are made in collaboration with the SGS laboratory which monitors that our creations are always in accordance with the regulations for the safety of children. Especially concerning food contact like here with this rattle that can be used as Teething and that your baby will love to chew on!